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Rent Reviews/Lease Renewals

Acting on behalf of both landlords and tenants in respect of rent reviews and lease renewals is another area of our expertise.

We offer a range of services in this respect, from providing an initial rental valuation and appraisal before considering what action to take relating to an impending rent review, to conducting negotiations on behalf of the landlords or tenants, and concluding matters.

The instructing of solicitors can become an important element of completing a rent review, and this is particularly so when having negotiated terms and conditions for a lease renewal. It is important for both landlord and tenant to have an understanding of market functionality, as well as appropriate procedures to be adopted or carried out in order to deal with a rent review or a lease renewal.

We are in a prime position to advise landlords and tenants upon planning ahead for both rent review and lease renewal purposes.

We are well placed and qualified to deal with rent review and lease renewals where agreement cannot be reached by the parties, and Barry Crux in particular regularly receives appointments to act in the capacity of either Arbitrator or Independent Expert in order to determine what a rent should be. Equally we carry out the preparation of Expert Witness Reports for use in connection with Arbitrations or third party disputes, representing both landlords and tenants in putting their cases forward.

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